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Find New Housecleaning Clients by Selling Them Time

Find New Housecleaning Clients by Selling Them Time

Tuesday, May 19, 2015/Categories: Marketing a Cleaning Business, Starting a Cleaning Business

Though hiring a cleaning service is often viewed as a luxury only businesses and Daddy Warbucks can afford, more average-income households are turning to cleaning professionals to help them free up time. According to the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARSCI), that's the leading reason people hire cleaning services.

Hiring a cleaning service means these busy people can…

  • Go to their kids' afterschool events.
  • Spend more time with their loved ones.
  • Enjoy some leisure activities.
  • Reduce stress.

These benefits are easily worth the $100 or so they may spend to have someone clean their homes every other week. Now the only question is: how can your cleaning business tap into this demand?

Positioning Your Cleaning Service as the Ultimate Time Saver

According to the most recent American Use of Time Survey, on the average cleaning day, women spend about 2.6 hours cleaning and men spend 2.1 hours doing household chores. A couple years ago, The Telegraph reported that women spend just over 18 hours a week on cleaning and housework.

That's a lot of time your prospective clients are spending doing work they'd probably rather not do. To show just how much time you can save your clients, highlight these figures in the following marketing materials:

  • Flyers. Make sure these are both aesthetically pleasing and informative. Post them on bulletin boards in hair salons, coffee shops, and community centers.
  • Your website. If you don't have a website yet, it's time to step into the digital age. Your website should do more than act as a digital brochure – it should showcase the benefits of hiring your cleaning service. Make sure the time you help clients save is front and center of that message. Read more about creating a website in "How to Build a Simple Website to Help Your Cleaning Business Grow."
  • E-newsletters. If you use email marketing, consider creating a newsletter that showcases how much time people spend on cleaning.
  • Social media. Engage your audience by appealing to what matters: their precious time. Let followers and fans know that outsourcing cleaning is one way they can buy themselves more hours in the day. Not only is that something that appeals to parents, but busy young professionals may be interested in that message, too.

Inform prospective clients that you save them time by knocking some serious chores off their to-do list (e.g., vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, and washing floors). Also note that you can customize cleaning programs based on their needs and desires. For instance, some families want the bare minimum done, while others want the whole nine yards (e.g., deep cleaning plus laundry services and fresh linens).

Get Your Happy Clients in on the Action

Lastly, don't forget about the power of word-of-mouth referrals. People can be very discerning about who they let into their homes and trust with their possessions, so capitalize on the marketing mileage your satisfied and repeat clients can offer. For example…

  • Give them an incentive (such as a hearty discount) to tell their friends about your services.
  • Ask for their permission to use their testimonials in your marketing materials.

For more marketing tips, read "Marketing a Cleaning Business: Productivity & Health Benefits of a Clean Space."


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