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How to Get Ready for the Fall Cleaning Rush

How to Get Ready for the Fall Cleaning Rush

Thursday, September 15, 2016/Categories: Cleaning Business Insurance, Marketing a Cleaning Business

Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and many homes (and businesses) look a lot worse for wear. Weary parents are often too tired or busy to dedicate the time necessary to scour surfaces, steam clean rugs and upholstery, or remove their child's crayon "artwork" from the walls. Business owners are simply too busy to deal with necessary cleaning duties themselves. So who do they turn to? You!

Are you ready?

These quick tips can help your cleaning business capitalize on the increased demand for cleaning services in early fall.

Spread the Word with Marketing

Obviously you're already promoting your cleaning businessT, but take advantage of the bump in folks searching for cleaners this time of year to bring in some additional customers. Now is the time to try new tactics to spread the word about your services, such as…

  • Offering a special promotion for new customers.
  • Providing a discount for new customers who either purchase a larger cleaning package or send referrals your way.
  • Marketing yourself at end-of-summer events, like county fairs.
  • Advertising in your local newspaper.

If you're concerned about the risks that come with advertising, don't worry. In addition to the protection if provides against third-party accidents and property damage, your General Liability Insurance policy can also help pay for legal costs if someone sues your business over libel or copyright infringement.

For more marketing tips, check out "Help Customers Choose the Right Cleaning Service for Consistent Revenue."

Do Some "Spring Cleaning" on Your Website

See what we did there? Seriously though, if you haven't updated your website since it launched, this is the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs:

  • Make sure all the information is current.
  • Optimize your site with the right keywords for your industry and location.
  • Showcase your work with before and after photos from clients (just make sure you have the customers' permission to use them first).

Don't have a website? We get it – it can seem a little intimidating. But with all the tools available now, it's really easy to get one up and running. If you're not sure how to get started, our article "How to Build a Simple Website to Help Your Cleaning Business Grow" can give you some pointers.


This is something many small cleaning business owners dread, but networking and asking for referrals is really one of the easiest ways to start expanding your list of clients. Consider…

  • Attending events hosted by your area's chamber of commerce.
  • Joining a local BNI (Business Network International) chapter.

Don't be shy about handing out business cards, and if someone says they don't need cleaning services, find out if they can recommend someone who might. Basically, now is the time to hustle and make those connections that can keep your business generating clients – and cash – year round.

Get Your Insurance in Order

Before you start taking on more work, make sure your business is properly insured. You and your employees spend a lot of time in other people's homes and businesses, so you probably already have General Liability coverage. But there are other policies that could benefit your business, too.

For example, it may be time to update or add more coverage if your business…

  • Moved to a new location this year.
  • Purchased some snazzy high-end equipment.
  • Hired new employees.

Any of these scenarios could change your insurance needs, so review your policies with your insurance agent.


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