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Small Business Insurance for Cleaning and Building Services Businesses

As the owner of a small cleaning services business, you know that a little mess can escalate into big problems. Say you mop up spilled coffee in your client's building. If someone slips on the slick spot, falls, and breaks a bone, that might become the most expensive spill you've encountered when your client demands that your business pay her medical bills.

That's where we can help. Whether you specialize in housekeeping or commercial cleaning services, insureon's cleaning insurance agents can help you find coverage for lawsuits and property losses. And if you want to become a licensed and bonded cleaning company, we can help with that, too.

Insureon has covered thousands of cleaning business, including small businesses in the following areas:

Many clients require you to have insurance (i.e., to get "bonded") before you begin working for them. For free cleaning insurance or Surety Bond quotes, submit an online insurance application.

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