Chimney Sweep Insurance
Essential Small Business Insurance Policies for Chimney Sweeps

To most people, chimney cleaners may seem like an occupation of the past, but the fact is that appliances that burn natural gas, coal, wood, pellets, and heating oil all still need to be regularly cleaned. Today, it's likely that your chimney business also provides inspection and repair services, adding a number of risk exposures to your business operations.

A sweep may be "as lucky as lucky can be" but that doesn't mean you can do without a solid business insurance plan. Niche-industry professionals like you may have a hard time finding coverage because many insurance providers are unfamiliar with the needs of chimney sweeps. But insureon understands those needs and can help you find the insurance solutions to address them. Below is a list of the types of small business insurance that we recommend to sweeps like you.

Each policy can be adjusted so that you end up with a fully customized business insurance plan. As your business grows, moves locations, or adds services, insureon can help you reassess your coverage needs and adjust your policies so that they evolve along with your business.

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Chimney Sweeps: Ready for Small Business Insurance Quotes?

If you're ready to start building a business insurance plan, you'll first need a variety of small business insurance quotes compare. An insureon agent who specializes in finding coverage for chimney sweeps will negotiate with multiple small-business insurance providers and gather those insurance quotes for you. If you'd rather have the quotes sent via email, you can fill out our easy electronic application.

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