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US janitorial services are part of a $35 billion dollar industry (you share it with carpet cleaners but janitorial professionals are responsible for most of the revenue), and there are only about 50,000 janitorial companies in the whole country — the few, the proud, the clean.

It can be difficult for the business owners of these non-corporate janitorial services to find decent information about small business insurance because many insurance providers aren't familiar with their needs. Fortunately, insureon specializes in finding coverage for niche-industry professionals like you. Generally, we encourage janitors to carry these types of small business insurance.

Each of these policies can be adjusted to match the risk exposures of your janitorial service. These risks can vary depending on the size and location of your company, in addition to the types of services you provide. Read on to learn more about the insurance coverage available and how it can be customized to fit your janitorial business's needs.

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