Street Cleaners
Key Types of Small Business Insurance You Need Most

As a professional street sweeper, you play a pivotal role in keeping commercial lots and city streets neat and tidy in addition to reducing stormwater pollutant levels. This occupation has been around since the 1800s, when the first mechanical street sweeper was invented. Since then, street-sweeping technology had advanced, and now street sweeping businesses are contracted by everyone from local governments to commercial property owners.

The street sweeping business is not without its risks. Most of your employees work daily with heavy machinery while others might spend long hours on foot sweeping and power-washing sidewalks where the mechanical street sweeper can't go, which puts them at risk for injury. You also often work it heavily populated urban areas, which increases your risk exposures for injuring passersby or damaging property.

All of these issues can be addressed with a small business insurance plan. Below is a list of the six small business insurance policies that insureon recommends for professional street sweepers.

Street cleaning services can look quite different from one another. You might hold a long-term contract with a city government, while another street cleaning service may specialize in sweeping commercial lots or cleaning up construction sites. These variations mean that your insurance needs might be slightly different that your competitor's. An insureon agent can help you customize each policy to address the unique risks of your street cleaning business.

Street Cleaners: Find Custom-Fit Coverage Today

Are you ready to build a business insurance plan for your street sweeping service? First you'll need to collect and compare a number of small business insurance quotes. If you contact insureon, an agent will negotiate with several different small business insurance providers to bring you an array of competitive quotes. Additionally, you can fill out our online application to have insurance quotes sent to your inbox.

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