Risk Management Resources
for Cleaning & Building Services Businesses

When you spend so much of your time focusing on details — stains in the carpet, water spots on windows, or soot in chimneys — it can be hard to take a step back and think about the big picture.

But taking time to consider your business's risk management strategies can pay off later. A solid plan helps you reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents, lawsuits, and property losses. It can also help your small cleaning business survive disasters beyond your control.

To help guide you throughout this process, check out our many resources for cleaning and janitorial companies.

Guides for Minimizing the Risks Your Cleaning Business Faces

Download a free copy of our eBook for cleaning services businesses, Keeping Your Claims History Clean for an in-depth guide to managing risks and finding insurance. Or read some of our other articles on protecting your business.

Articles about Growing a Cleaning Services Business

Ready to increase your revenue? Then check out Dusting Up on Business: Resources for Cleaning Entrepreneurs. It has articles on how to get a janitorial business off the ground, tips on whether start a franchise or go solo, and an overview of whether it's best to go with used or new cleaning equipment.

Answers to Common Questions about Janitorial and Cleaning Businesses

Check out our FAQ page to see answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our cleaning services customers. Or submit your own question, and we'll do our best to get back to you (we may even publish your question on the site!).

Sample Insurance Quotes and Certificates of Liability Insurance

Tired of being in the dark about the details of business insurance? Take a look at our sample quotes pages, which provide cost estimates for insurance policies for businesses like yours. And then peruse a sample Certificate of Liability Insurance so you'll know what proof of coverage you'll need to provide clients.

Talk to a Cleaning Services Insurance Agent Today

If you have other questions about how to protect your business from unexpected calamities, consult an insureon agent at 800.688.1984.

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Keeping Your Claims History Clean: A Risk Management Guide
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Sample Quotes & Cost Estimates
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