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Should I buy new or used cleaning equipment?

So you want to invest in pressure washing, carpet cleaning, pool cleaning, or other commercial cleaning equipment. That means you have to decide between spending money on new equipment or cutting costs by purchasing used equipment.

Used cleaning equipment can be a smart move, especially if you know it's in good shape. On the other hand, new equipment often comes with a warranty and parts are easy to find if you need a repair. Your choice will depend on your budget and whether you can afford the risk of buying faulty used equipment (i.e., buying something only to find out it doesn't work — and so having to buy another piece).

When making these or other major purchases, don't forget to factor in the cost of Property Insurance (hint: you might spend a little extra insuring your brand-new gear at its replacement value). To learn more about how Property Insurance covers used and new commercial cleaning equipment, read our article, "New vs. Used Cleaning Equipment."

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