Keeping Your Claims History Clean
Risk Management Guide for Janitorial, Maid, & Cleaning Services

Chapter 2: Understanding Cleaning and Janitorial Insurance Policies
Part 3: Essential Coverages for Maids, Janitors & Other Cleaning Professionals
The Business Owner's Policy

A Business Owner's Policy (or BOP) is an affordable and comprehensive insurance package offered only to small-business owners. If you qualify for a BOP, you receive General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance (both covered in the previous section) for one premium.

Many BOPs also include 12 months of Business Interruption Insurance, which pays for ongoing expenses that accrue when a covered property event temporarily shutters your business.

Why is this policy so important to cleaning professionals? Because you get all of this coverage for one discounted rate! It's the primary way cleaning professionals can save money on their business protection plan.

But not everyone is eligible. To secure reduced-rate coverage, your cleaning business must…

  • Be "small." Don't be surprised if your agent asks for the square footage of your commercial space and the number of people you employ. These numbers help insurance agencies assess whether or not your business can be classified as small.
  • Have a low risk profile. Your risk profile is determined by your industry, claims history, and other factors about your business.
  • Need only 12 months of Business Interruption Insurance. If you want more than 12 months of coverage, you may not qualify for a BOP.

In addition to saving you money, BOPs are highly customizable. For more information on the riders you can add to your BOP, jump to the next section in this chapter.

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