General Liability Insurance
for Janitors, Maids, and Cleaning Businesses

As the owner of a cleaning, janitorial, or maintenance service business, your work takes you everywhere. If you specialize in janitorial work, office buildings and schools all over your community may turn to your business to keep their facilities spotless. If your expertise lies in upholstery and carpet cleaning, your work may take you from corporate settings to homes. Because you travel to conduct your cleaning services, your business is exposed to more liability risks along the way, especially since you regularly handle others' property. And since your work happens in other places or business or even personal homes, you could be found liable if someone blames their slips on your the work your business performed.

That's why many cleaning services providers protect their business with General Liability Insurance. This fundamental insurance policy safeguards your small cleaning business against liability for unexpected accidents and property damage experienced by a third party. Adequate liability insurance means that your business will be covered should a disgruntled client file a lawsuit alleging your company is responsible for their property damage or bodily harm. Even frivolous lawsuits expend valuable time and resources when you don't have General Liability Insurance.

Learn more about General Liability coverage and how this coverage can protect your business, no matter where your services take you.

General Liability Insurance: Protection for Cleaning Services Businesses

General Liability Insurance: Protection for Cleaning Services Businesses

You've built your janitorial or cleaning business on serving your clients. Whether you specialize in janitorial, maid, or street cleaning services, you are making your community a more inviting place through your work. But offering your services to others means exposing your business to potential risks, especially if a third party or client alleges that you damaged their property. For these scenarios outside of your control, your General Liability Insurance steps in to cover liability claims concerning property damage or injury to people.

Because you conduct your work outside of your own business premises, you will want to make sure your General Liability policy includes property coverage for other's property that is in your care or custody. This way, if you or one of your employees accidentally damages a light fixture while cleaning, your policy can protect you. If they decide to pursue legal action for the damage, your policy can also provide funds to defend your business in court if the claim is covered. Since legal fees can quickly exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars, even in a meritless lawsuit, your General Liability Insurance is key to ensuring that your business is prepared for whatever twists and turns may come your way.

Your liability coverage also extends to cover your business's office premises. And if you rely on employees to conduct cleaning services, your General Liability also covers claims brought against your business due to your employees' actions. With adequate coverage, your business can weather an expensive lawsuit and still have the necessary funds to keep running.

General Liability Insurance for Janitor, Maid, and Cleaning Services Businesses: Key Details

General Liability Insurance for Janitor, Maid, and Cleaning Services Businesses: Key Details

To protect your cleaning services business from costly liability claims, be sure to ask your insureon agent about the tailored policies we create to meet your specific business protection needs. If you're just beginning your journey into the world of business insurance, a General Liability policy is a great place to start. This coverage can protect you from bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and personal / advertising injury liability.

Keep reading to learn more about the protection your General Liability policy offers against these claims.

Bodily Injury Claims

Among the mostly costly liability claims are lawsuits alleging bodily injury. If a client alleges the floors your business cleaned resulted in a third party breaking a bone, your business could be responsible for covering the cost of immediate medical attention. Worse, if your client decides to pursue the claim in a court of law and your business is found liable, you could suffer millions in loss — enough to bankrupt most small businesses. When your company has General Liability protection, however, you have the peace of mind that if an accident does happen, your business has the coverage for legal defense, settlement expenses, court costs, medical expenses, and more, depending on your policy limits. It's important to keep in mind that frivolous lawsuits are all too common, and simply hiring an attorney can be enough to financially strain your business.

Should a third party's injury or illness result in death, your General Liability policy can provide funds for medical costs, funeral expenses, and court-awarded compensation, up to your policy limits. General Liability does not cover your employees' on-the-job injuries or job-related illnesses, however. For such protection, you'll need to rely on Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Property Damage Claims

The property damage coverage provided by your General Liability Insurance is a welcomed safety net for most cleaning services professionals. Because your business involves handling and cleaning property that belongs to others, you want to have coverage in case something should happen to that property. For instance, if one of your employees in your maid services business accidentally drops an heirloom vase, your client could sue your company for damages. Your General Liability coverage would kick in to pay for the costs of a covered claim, up to your policy limits.

Personal and Advertising Injury Claims

For cleaning services businesses that use advertising to promote their services, General Liability Insurance can also cover claims alleging non-physical damages to another person or entity, including copyright and brand infringement, libel, or slander.

Safeguard Your Cleaning Services Business

Safeguard Your Cleaning Services Business

If you want to safeguard your janitor, maid, or cleaning services business from expensive liability claims, you may be able to secure a policy within 24 hours of your initial application when you work with insureon. To get started, complete our simple online application today!

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