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6 Costly Business Protection Myths for Maids, Janitors, and Other Cleaning Professionals

Cleaning business owners understand the value of details. After all, it's likely your business's impeccable attention to detail that wins continuous client contracts. So when it comes to protecting your business, you're not one to overlook the fine print while shopping for business insurance. However, even the savviest business owners can be mislead by the amount of business insurance misinformation that thrives on the web — and without the facts, you may inadvertently leave your business exposed to serious financial risks.

Without adequate coverage, your business could be one liability lawsuit away from bankruptcy, especially if your business is charged with wrongdoing. For example, if you don't have business insurance and a client alleges in court that your employee stole a valuable piece of their property, your business assets and even personal assets can be collected to pay the settlement should the court rule in their favor.

Don't leave your cleaning business vulnerable to the whims of chance. Read on to learn the truth about business insurance and how you can safeguard your business against uncertainty.

Maid, Janitor, and Cleaning Services Business Insurance Myths Busted

The age of the Internet has been kind to small business owners, but the convenience of the web comes with some drawbacks. When researching business insurance, for example, the sheer amount of information may be overwhelming. Factor in the time it takes to fact-check your findings, and you may be sacrificing valuable time that's better spent on taking care of your clients.

Here are six pervasive business insurance myths and what you need to know to set the record straight.

Business Insurance Myth #1

"I can always close my business if I'm sued. Besides, you can't bleed a turnip."

This cannot be emphasized enough: a lack of assets doesn't safeguard a business against liability lawsuits. Lawsuits — even meritless ones — can run the best-managed business into the ground over attorney's fees alone. No matter how little you have in your cleaning business's bank account, your assets can be collected if you are sued and found liable. Closing your business will not influence the courts when they render a decision, either. You could be required to cover settlements or judgments with your personal assets if your business assets are not enough. That's why it always benefits you and your business to carry adequate liability coverage. In the event of a covered claim, your business insurance means you don't have to drain your business and personal assets to pay for a settlement and associated court costs.

Business Insurance Myth #2

"I have a solid reputation and my clients trust me. If my business hasn't been sued by now, it probably won't be."

A lawsuit-free history does not mean your business is bulletproof when it comes to the litigation process. After all, it only takes one liability lawsuit to potentially close your business doors for good. Say for example one of your employees accidentally damages a rare piece of art hanging in your corporate client's office. Your client could sue your business for property damage. Between the cost of hiring an attorney and the settlement, your business may not survive the financial hit if you lack adequate insurance coverage. Having the appropriate insurance for your cleaning business means that you can continue to serve your clients with confidence, rather than waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.

Business Insurance Myth #3

"My cleaning business is too small to need its own insurance policy."

Whether you employ two workers or twenty, the size of your business has little bearing on the necessity for business insurance. Business insurance coverage protects your cleaning business from liability, disasters, and unpreventable risks. Without adequate insurance coverage, you put your business assets and personal assets in jeopardy if a client or employee should ever sue you. Also, tornadoes and fires can strike any business, and such disasters can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. Without Property Insurance, would you have the funds to replace your equipment and cleaning supplies, repair your office, and serve your clients again?

Business insurance was created to protect business owners against unexpected and costly events. Not to mention, the cost of coverage for small businesses is typically very affordable, especially in today's market. Talk to an insureon agent to learn more about how we can help you find business insurance policies at competitive rates.

Business Insurance Myth #4

"I have a business insurance policy, so I'm completely covered."

Though it's wise to invest in a comprehensive business insurance policy, know that a single policy will not "fully cover" your janitorial, maid, or cleaning services business. For example, a General Liability policy will not cover your business for claims concerning an employee's on-the-job injury. Only a Workers' Compensation policy will offer that kind of protection. And neither of these policies cover your lost, stolen, or damaged business property. For such claims, you would need a Property Insurance policy.

Even still, each of your policies will have its individual set of exclusions. That's why it's so important to work with an insurance agent who knows your business and can help you find a policy that address your industry's unique risks. As a general rule, be sure you read your policy's exclusions carefully so you're not caught off-guard when the time comes to file a claim.

Business Insurance Myth #5

"There's no reason to invest in business insurance because there's no such thing as being 'fully covered.'"

When your business is faced with a million-dollar settlement, you can quickly see why business insurance is not a matter of all or nothing. Even a policy with minimal coverage is better than no compensation at all. If your cleaning business is sued, business insurance premiums pale in comparison to the millions your policy could provide you in the event of a covered claim. And when you work with reliable agents — such as the insurance experts at insureon — you can customize your policy to protect your business from your most common risk exposures and concerns. Many policies offer a comprehensive range of coverage, such as the Business Owner's Policy, which bundles General Liability and Property Insurance into one seamless plan.

Business Insurance Myth #6

"My employees are trained professionals. I probably don't need Workers' Compensation coverage."

In the cleaning and maintenance industry, your employees encounter more risks than many other professions. From handling toxic chemicals and materials to traveling between different job sites, the risks add up quickly for cleaning and janitorial professionals. And even the most experienced and careful employee can experience accidents and injuries. In the event that your employees are injured on the job, your business could be responsible for their medical expenses out of pocket if you don't carry Workers' Compensation Insurance. Similarly, your employees could potentially sue your business for their work-related injuries, and without Workers' Comp coverage, you would be responsible for the attorney's fees, court costs, and settlement expenses on your own.

Depending on where your business is located, your state may require you carry Workers' Compensation coverage if you have any employees at all. This coverage offers funds for the cost of immediate medical attention for injured or ill employees and the legal fees to defend your business in court if an employee sues for work-related ailments.

Protect Your Maid, Janitorial, or Cleaning Services Business

Protect Your Maid, Janitorial, or Cleaning Services Business

The Cleaning Services Specialists at insureon can help you determine the coverages that can adequately safeguard your business from risks, lawsuits, and disasters. When you're ready to give your maid, janitorial, or cleaning business the protection it needs to thrive, complete our simple online application. Depending on your business insurance needs, we may be able to take you from quote to bind in less than 24 hours!

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