Commercial Property Insurance
for Janitor, Maid, and Cleaning Services Providers

When you own a janitor, maid, or cleaning services business, you depend on your equipment in order to conduct your services. So when disaster strikes, whether that means a theft occurs or a fire destroys your business property, your business will need the time and funds to secure new equipment — and most small businesses can't spare either.

Fortunately for cleaning services providers, Property Insurance offers your business the funds to replace business equipment in the event of a covered claim. By insuring your business space, office equipment, and supplies against damage or loss under your Property Insurance policy, you business assets will be protected when unforeseen events happen. Typically, your policy covers the damage caused by unpredictable situation, such as a tornadoes, fires, theft, or vandalism.

Every day without your equipment is another day your doors stay closed. To safeguard your cleaning business from missing opportunities to serve clients, Property Insurance offers valuable protection. Keep reading to learn more about Property Insurance and how it works to protect your business in times of uncertainty.

Cleaning Services Providers: How Property Insurance Protects You

Cleaning Services Providers: How Property Insurance Protects You

Your Property Insurance policy can protect your cleaning business's assets, including building space, cleaning equipment, and supplies. When determining which policy best meets the needs of your business, you'll need to consider whether you wish to insure your assets at their current value or their replacement value. The former may be attached to a smaller premium, but the latter option makes sure that in the event of a covered claim, you have adequate funds to replace your property with new gear.

If you're looking for a comprehensive business protection policy, you may want to see if your business is eligible for a Business Owner's Policy or BOP. By bundling General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance together at a discounted rate, this policy offers your business coverage for liability claims and loss of property. Talk to your insureon agent to find out whether your cleaning business meets the criteria for this coverage option.

Key Details About Your Property Insurance

Key Details About Your Property Insurance

Property Insurance for your cleaning services business covers your insured property, even if it's not on your client's property when the damage or loss occurs. In the event of a covered claim, your Property Insurance allows you to quickly and easily replace your damaged, lost, or stolen equipment so you can get back to serving your clients quickly. Keep reading to learn more about the types of coverage Property Insurance policies commonly include.

Building Coverage for Cleaning Services Businesses

If you operate out of an office and you rent the space, your landlord may require you carry some kind of building insurance coverage in order to lease the property. If you own your space, you have all the more incentive to protect your building through your Property Insurance coverage. That way, in the event of a tornado, fire, or act of vandalism, you will have the funds to make repairs and get your premises back in working condition. Depending on your policy's terms, your coverage can also replace the building's contents, such as its furnishings, fixtures, and supplies at their replacement value.

Equipment Coverage for Janitor, Maid, and Cleaning Services Providers

For businesses that rely on commercial-grade vacuum cleaners, carpet steamers, cleaning supplies, and computers to conduct their business, this coverage offers invaluable protection. Your coverage can also safeguard your business from contract penalties when work can't be completed due to damage to your equipment.

SPICE Endorsement for Cleaning and Maintenance Service Contractors

The SPICE endorsement was designed for businesses that specialize in cleaning and maintenance work. This coverage can be added on to your Property Insurance policy to cover your business's personal property against loss, theft, or damage when it is in transit or outside your office at another location. This coverage also adds $25,000 of basic business income at scheduled premises you select, and also accounts for employee theft, forgery and alterations, and money and securities.

Cleaning Services: Customize Your Business Insurance Policy

Cleaning Services: Customize Your Business Insurance Policy

Our insureon agents know that your business's property is central to the work your business performs. That's why we work with top-tier insurance providers who have built their reputations on their speedy payouts and reliable coverage in the event of an insured claim. When you're ready to protect the equipment, supplies, and property you rely on to serve your clients, contact our cleaning business insurance experts today. We can help you determine the coverages that are appropriate for your business and customize a policy that adequately safeguards your cleaning business.

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