Extra Property Coverage for Cleaning Businesses

Not all Property Insurance policies are created equal, and your cleaning business faces unique risks that require a more nuanced plan than businesses in other industries.

The typical Property Insurance policy only covers property, equipment, and supplies that are damaged on or stolen from your business's primary premises. But that's the problem — a cleaning professional's equipment is always on the move or at client sites.

A standard Property policy also falls short when you need Business Interruption Insurance. Because you don't rely on your primary business location to run your business, you need Business Interruption coverage that can help you make ends meet when your clients' premises can't be serviced.

That's where SPICE can help.

What Is the SPICE Endorsement?

What Is the SPICE Endorsement?

SPICE (Specialty Property Insurance Coverage Endorsement) extends your Property Insurance policy so that it…

  • Covers your property while it's in transit and at client locations. SPICE protects your property against loss or damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, or windstorms, even when these events happen away from your office. So let's say your carpet cleaning business is hired to do a major cleaning for a multi-use building. The job takes several days, and your business leaves its equipment in the building overnight. Unfortunately, the equipment is stolen when thieves break in. Standard Property Insurance won't cover this theft, but SPICE pays to replace the stolen gear.
  • Adds $25,000 of basic Business Interruption Insurance at your selected client locations. Let's say you have a janitorial contract with a school, and a huge fire levels the campus. This prevents you from doing your work and getting paid. Fortunately, you can file a claim on your SPICE policy to collect the money you would have made if the interruption hadn't prevented you from working.
  • Adds coverage for employee theft, forgery and alterations, and money and securities. Say your housekeeping employee is accused of stealing a client's expensive watch. Your SPICE policy can ensure your client is reimbursed for the loss.
Want to Get a Little SPICE in Your Life?

Want to Get a Little SPICE in Your Life?

When you apply for Property Insurance, you have two options. You can either buy Property Insurance as a standalone policy or through a Business Owner's Policy, which packages Property and General Liability Insurance together. No matter which option you choose, you can add a SPICE rider to your policy.

To get started, submit an online insurance application or talk with a cleaning services agent at 800-688-1984.

Why Work with a Cleaning Insurance Expert?

Why Work with a Cleaning Insurance Expert?

Why should you have to figure out which insurance policies best fit your business? You have a cleaning company to run and clients to serve. You don't have time for that extra legwork!

Working with an agent who specializes in cleaning insurance can save you time and money when shopping for coverage. Here's how:

  • Cleaning insurance experts already know your industry and its exposures, which can help them quickly find the policies you need.
  • Cleaning specialist agents can tailor your policies to your business's exact risks, which cuts out the chance of paying for unnecessary coverages.
  • Cleaning insurance agents like the ones at insureon can compile competitive quotes from multiple providers and send them right to your inbox.

To learn more about the cost of insurance for janitors, maids, and other cleaning professionals, see our sample insurance quotes for cleaning businesses.

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