Umbrella Liability / Excess Liability Insurance
for Cleaning and Maintenance Professionals

As a cleaning professional, you know that expertise and experience are not enough to protect your business from lawsuits or allegations of property damage. Working on someone else's property always comes with unique risks, no matter how immaculate your reputation or how careful your work may be. From ensuring others don't walk on wet floors to gently handling and cleaning valuable client property, your business is exposed to potential accidents each day — and there's only so much risk management that exists within your control.

For janitorial, maid, and cleaning services businesses that need a little extra protection, Umbrella Liability Insurance is an option to consider. This policy extends the limits of your underlying General Liability and Employer's Liability policies (part of your Workers' Compensation coverage) with a single premium. And best of all, you can increase your coverage by increments of $1 million for a very affordable rate. Many Umbrella policies cost as little as a couple hundred dollars a year.

Because different states have different regulations regarding Umbrella Liability coverage, you may want to talk to your insureon agent about which policies you need to have in place before purchasing this additional insurance. For more information about Umbrella Liability Insurance and the protection it offers your cleaning business, keep reading.

How Umbrella Liability Insurance Protects Cleaning and Maintenance Professionals

How Umbrella Liability Insurance Protects Cleaning and Maintenance Professionals

Umbrella Liability Insurance not only strengthens your business protection plan, but also provides a cost-effective way to maximize your insurance coverage. Individually extending the limits of multiple insurance policies can significantly increase each premium you pay for those plans. However, when you invest in Umbrella / Excess Liability Insurance, you pay a single, smaller premium and typically receive more coverage than you would have otherwise.

When deciding whether Umbrella Liability is appropriate for your business protection needs, you may want to first consider the likelihood of facing a liability lawsuit. If your employee accidentally broke an expensive, one-of-a-kind statue while cleaning your client's office building, the client could sue your business. Should your business be found liable, you could be responsible for paying millions in a settlement. Without adequate coverage, the cost of the settlement, attorney's fees, and associated court costs could bankrupt your small cleaning business and even put your personal assets in jeopardy of collection.

However, when you purchase an Umbrella policy to beef up your General Liability policy, you can increase your funds for a covered claim by millions. Let's say your client who lost their statue is the litigious type, and they pursue your business for alleged liability because your employee accidentally damaged the artwork. If they're awarded a settlement of $1.5 million, and your General Liability Insurance limit is $1 million, your Umbrella Liability policy would kick in the additional half-million dollars. Without the policy, though, your cleaning business would be responsible for the expenses past your limit.

Key Details About Umbrella Insurance for Cleaning Professionals

Key Details About Umbrella Insurance for Cleaning Professionals

As you consider your business protection needs, consider the following key details about Umbrella Liability coverage and what you need to know if you want to purchase the policy to further safeguard your cleaning business.

Umbrella Liability Coverage Affordably Extends Your Liability Protection.

Increasing the limit for each of your liability policies would also increase the amount of each of your premiums for those policies. But when you purchase an Umbrella Liability policy, you can easily increase the limits of multiple policies and pay only one low-cost premium for the added coverage. Plus, you typically receive more coverage through an Umbrella policy, as the additional amounts are offered in increments of $1 million, yet you still pay less money for the higher limits.

Umbrella Liability Insurance Does Not Include Professional Liability Insurance.

It's important to note that while Umbrella Liability Insurance can help financially protect your janitorial or cleaning business in common liability claims, the coverage does not account for Professional Liability-related claims. So if a disgruntled client alleges your business provided shoddy or incomplete work or that your business was professionally negligent, this coverage will not kick in to help with the costs of the claim. Typically, maids and other cleaning services professionals do not carry Professional Liability Insurance, as most of the risks your business may face are usually associated with and covered by a General Liability policy.

Umbrella Liability Insurance is Available in Increments of $1 Million.

When it comes to defending your cleaning business against liability claims, every penny counts. After all, even without a settlement, defending your business in court can be a devastating expense for a small business between the attorney's fees, time lost from work, and other unexpected costs. Umbrella Liability coverage is offered in increments of $1 million to give your professional cleaning business a considerable amount of security and protection.

If you're ready to give your business a little more breathing room with Umbrella Liability, complete our easy online application. We may be able to send you quotes from A-rated insurance carriers in minutes!

Custom-Made Policies for Janitors, Maids, and Cleaning Professionals

Custom-Made Policies for Janitors, Maids, and Cleaning Professionals

The insurance experts at insureon work with you to create a policy tailored for your cleaning business's specific needs and unique risks. If you have any questions about Umbrella Liability or whether your current policy limits are adequate for the risks you face, contact an insureon agent today.

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