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5 Ways to Protect Your Janitorial, Maid, or Cleaning Business

As the owner of a housekeeping, janitorial, or cleaning services business, you know that growing your company takes time, hard work, and a thorough business protection strategy. After all, it's taken you a long time to earn the trust of your clients — and a single liability issue could be enough to undo what you've built.

Because unexpected accidents and events happen all the time, you turn to your risk management plan to make sure your clients' valuable property is handled with care and that you have a business insurance plan as a backup measure. If you're wondering how you can minimize risks, better serve your clients, and protect your business, keep reading.

Risk Management Tips for Cleaning Services Businesses

Risk Management Tips for Cleaning Services Businesses

As a cleaning professional, you know the high stakes involved in your daily work. Your clients open their private worlds to you, trusting that their businesses, offices, and homes are safe when in your care. If an accident happens, you could lose more than your clients' trust — you could also be financially responsible for damaged property or the third-party injuries that resulted from the work you performed. In addition to these risks, your employees work with cleaning chemicals that could be hazardous to their health. That means your business could be held liable for their medical expenses and more if they decide to pursue legal action against your business.

To reduce your cleaning business's exposure to risk from multiple sources, take a look at this guide for five risk management tips to safeguard your cleaning business, reassure your clients, and protect your employees.

  • Use a checklist to keep track of your client's property and completed tasks. Running through a checklist at the conclusion of every job ensures that all performance requirements have been fulfilled, the proper owners have their cleaning tools, and that the building has been locked appropriately. Though this may seem like a small measure, it can make a world of difference in keeping your employees on track, providing a consistent cleaning performance, and ensuring your business avoids the stress of lost keys and misplaced client property.
  • Implement a ban on using cell phones while driving. Because your employees drive to each new location to carry out your business's services, it's easy to fall into a habit of calling them while they're on the road. While staying in contact with your employees is important, encourage your employees only to use their cell phones when parked at the client's location. This way, you minimize the risk of your employees having an auto accident on business time.

    In addition to keeping your employees safer on the road, this rule also safeguards your business property while it's in transit. For an added layer of protection for your business assets while on the road or at locations other than your businesses premises, be sure to ask your insureon agent about our SPICE endorsement for cleaning professionals. This coverage can be added to your Property Insurance policy, and it protects your property against damage, loss, or theft while it is away from your office.
  • Secure breakable objects ahead of time. While performing your cleaning services, it can be all too easy to accidentally break client property. To save your company from a potential liability claim, ask clients to secure delicate or expensive items before your cleaning begins. It's also wise to demonstrate for employees how to safely clean valuable objects to reduce the risk of damage. In the event that one of your employees accidentally breaks or damages your client's property, your General Liability policy may be able to compensate for the lost or damaged property, as well as the cost of legal expenses if your client decides to sue your business.
  • Protect your employees. Your employees are the backbone of your business, which also means that they face considerable risks and exposures while carrying out their work. That's why it's important to make sure your employees are properly trained. First, be sure to hold regular training sessions about proper lifting techniques for heavy items to reduce the risk of back injuries. You also want to ensure your workers know how to properly identify, handle, and use potentially toxic cleaning chemicals. Additionally, provide appropriate safety gear to protect employees from chemical exposure and inhalation. This may include gloves, respirators or safety masks, and protective eyewear. Lastly, instruct employees in proper cleaning procedures to mitigate the risks of fumigation, slips, and equipment-related injuries.

    Depending on where your business is located, your state may require your cleaning business to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance for your employees as well. This coverage provides funds for medical expenses and wage compensation if one of your employees suffers a work-related injury or illness. It can also provide legal funds if your ailing employee decides to sue your business. Talk to your insureon agent to learn more about Workers' Comp and your state's requirements regarding this coverage.
  • Know your policy. Different insurance carriers offer different products, which means that limits and exclusions can vary drastically for each policy. That's why it's in your business's best interest to know what your business insurance policies cover — and up to what limits — as well as what they exclude. You don't want to be caught off-guard should you need to file a claim, only to find your policy doesn't offer the protection you thought it did. If you're concerned that the limits of your policies are not adequate for your needs, consider purchasing Umbrella Liability / Excess Liability coverage. This affordable policy can extend the limits of multiple policies for a single premium. Feel free to talk to an insureon agent for advice about the best course of action for safeguarding your cleaning business.
Business Protection for Maids, Janitors, and Cleaning Professionals

Business Protection for Maids, Janitors, and Cleaning Professionals

No matter the extent of your experience or the risk prevention measures you take, there will always be situations outside of your control. When disasters or costly lawsuits occur, you can rely on your business insurance to help your cleaning business weather unexpected financial upheaval. When you're ready to protect your business, contact an insureon agent today. We can help customize a business insurance plan that manages risks and gives you peace of mind.

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