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Insurance Experts for Janitor, Maid, & Cleaning Services Providers

  • We appreciate that your line of business may be associated with a unique set of risks, such as working flexible hours or traveling to a cleaning site in company or personal vehicles.
  • Janitors, maids, & cleaning service providers perform the majority of their work off-premises which can lead to greater risk exposure.
  • Our cleaning services insurance experts are a phone call away and are ready to respond to your questions or concerns about the different policies we offer.
  • Contact an insureon agent to hear about the plans that can safeguard you and your business.

Insurance Options for Janitor, Maid, & Cleaning Services Providers

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Understanding Business Insurance for Janitor, Maid, & Cleaning Services Businesses

We offer a variety of insurance coverage types specifically designed for janitors, maids, and other cleaning services providers.

Commercial General Liability for Janitorial, Maid, & Cleaning Services Providers

The purpose of Commercial Liability Insurance is to protect your business in the event that someone claims that you or your business practices caused them significant property damage and bodily harm. Should the alleger choose to pursue compensation or a lawsuit, the Commercial General Insurance pays for the cost of litigation, reimbursement fees, and medical costs.

For example, if your client claims that your employees lost keys to their building, broke a light fixture, or caused a customer to slip and fall on a wet floor, they will pursue your business for compensation.

Our General Liability Insurance covers damage to your clients’ property while it is in your care. Coverage extends to the replacement of locks and keys if necessary.

The parameters of this policy also apply to your own offices, not just to your clients’ locations. If your business works extensively with toxic materials, you may want to add our extra Accidental Pollution Insurance coverage.

Excess Liability Insurance / Umbrella Coverage for Janitor, Maid, & Cleaning Services Providers

Umbrella Insurance (also known as Excess Liability Insurance) provides your business with an additional layer of insurance protection to your existing General Liability policy.

For example, if you have $500,000 in General Liability coverage and a client claims that their employee was injured from slipping on a waxed floor, the court may order that you compensate the injured employee by paying $750,000 in fees. Had you purchased Excess Liability Insurance, it would provide the additional payment needed for this claim.

If you are in search of an easy and cost-effective way to increase your existing policy limits, Umbrella Insurance is the one of the most efficient ways to raise the limits on your General Liability policy.

Property Insurance / Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for Janitors, Maids, and Cleaning Services Providers

Maids, janitors, and cleaning services businesses use a variety of cleaning tools to get the job completed. However, some of your equipment and chemicals may carry a high hazard risk. Property Insurance protects both your own office and property in addition to the property of your clients. It compensates you for lost equipment and supplies if they are damaged or stolen.

It also covers your clients’ property when it is in your care, and can include employee theft and damage to client-owned cleaning supplies, electrical systems, window furnishings, carpeting, furniture, and fragile objects. Our Property Insurance also covers contract penalties should your business be unable or slow to meet a cleaning engagement deadline.

The Cleaning and Maintenance Service Contractors’ SPICE Endorsement

Designed just for businesses like yours, this addition to your Property Insurance policy covers your business’s personal property against theft or damage when it is in transit or at a client’s site. It also adds $25,000 of basic business income at scheduled locations that you select, along with coverage for employee theft, alterations, and securities.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Maids, Janitors, and Cleaning Services Providers

Your employees could be exposed to a variety of risk exposures including fall hazards, toxic cleaning chemicals or pesticides, bio-hazardous waste, heavy lifting, and other potentially harmful exposures. Workman’s Compensation Insurance funds your employees’ medical costs and some of their lost income in the event that they suffer a work-related ailment. Numerous states require cleaning services businesses to provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance for their employees. Workman’s Compensation Insurance also covers you as a business owner in the event that you suffer financial losses as the result of a job-related injury.

Our Workers’ Compensation policies come with Employment Practices Liability Insurance to protect your business against litigation should your employees claim wrongful employment practices, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.


Tips for Janitor, Maid, & Cleaning Services Businesses

  • Use a checklist at the end of every engagement to be certain that your responsibilities have been met.
Use a checklist at the conclusion of every job to ensure that all work is complete, all of the cleaning tools are with the correct owner, and that the building has been correctly locked.

  • Avoid cell phone usage in vehicles to avoid accidents.
Staying in contact with your employees is an important aspect of your business, but talking on a cell phone while driving is taking a potentially expensive risk and possibly illegal. Try to establish a policy where calls are made at times when employees are already parked at the location. Or if employees travel as a group, have a pre-determined passenger be the designated cell-phone user.

  • Secure breakable objects ahead of time.
Ask clients to secure delicate or expensive items before cleaning operations begin. Illustrate for your employees ways to clean so as to diminish the risk of a valued object being damaged.

Janitor, Maid, & Cleaning Services News

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Coverage Areas for Janitors, Maids, and Cleaning Services

  • Janitors
  • Janitorial Services
  • Floorcare
  • Maids
  • Window Washers / Window Cleaning Services
  • Chimney sweeps / cleaners
  • Pool cleaners / Pool cleaning services
  • Car Washes / Washers
  • Environmental Consulting / Cleanup
  • Powerwashers / Powerwashing

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