Maid Insurance
Essential Insurance Policies for Maids and House Cleaning Businesses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 12 percent of all maids in the United States were self-employed in 2010. As part of that 12 percent, you are not only responsible for providing consistent and reliable cleaning services to your clients, but you're also responsible for running an entire business — which means you're in charge of purchasing your own business insurance.

It can be hard to know where to begin, especially because many insurance providers aren't familiar with insuring small businesses, let alone those in the cleaning industry. Luckily, there are insureon agents who specialize in finding coverage for the owners of house cleaning businesses. Take a look at the six coverages we recommend for professionals like you.

Not all house cleaning and maid businesses are the same size, operate in the same location, or provide the same services. This means that your coverage needs might be slightly different than those of your competitors. Insureon can help you adjust your primary policies so you end up with a customized business insurance plan.

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When you are ready to compare small business insurance quotes for your maid cleaning service, contact an insureon agent who is familiar with the insurance needs of cleaning professionals. Your agent will negotiate will A-rated small business insurance providers to bring you a variety of competitive small business insurance quotes. If you'd rather these insurance quotes be sent to your email, fill out our electronic form.

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